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GetRecipe is a portal of recipe collections. All recipes posted into our website are original recipes owned by our team members (labeled as Recipe Card v1.0 - 1.9) or an individual who submitted their own recipe  using our recipe submission form online (labeled as Recipe Card v2.0 - 2.9). We also share videos related to food and cooking from our Network's YouTube Channel! See https://getrecipe.org/videos/


"Learn how to cook--try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun."

-Julia Child

Our Story

GetRecipe website is created to document all available recipes and provide easy and instant recipe access to everyone--family, relatives, and friends. Our main goal is to build up all recipes in just one site to minimize the time in searching desired recipe when needed.

Meet the Team

Thank you for visiting our website! This site is managed by us. Feel free to use our recipes as reference or guide to your cooking needs. We're glad to help.



A retired U.S. Navy who loves to cook for his family. He started this website to keep himself busy while at home. He likes to document his own recipe and share it to the world using the Internet or Social Media.


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Outstanding editor and loyal subscriber to this website. Always excited to tryout our newly created recipes, ensuring that they are good!



Registered Nurse (RN), BSN who also loves to cook on her free time. Her recipes are unique and original. She has her own way of cooking. A great recipe contributor to this website.


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